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Our family & teacher packs contain DVD instruction and equipment to get started right away. Both you and your child will benefit by learning to juggle. You can either learn first and then teach your child yourself, or you watch and learn together. It’s so much fun your kids won’t want to stop. Juggling is the perfect way to get children of all ages excited about exercise because it:

Girl juggling
  • Provides an excellent cardio workout that burns up to 280 calories an hour.
  • Doesn’t feel like exercise because it’s goal-based.
  • Improves focus & concentration.
  • Stimulates creativity & imagination.
  • Increases self-confidence.

Why learn from JuggleFit?

In our DVDs, ACE-certified trainer and JuggleFit lead instructor Heather Wolf will be your personal coach and teach you using an easy step-by-step process. Because Heather has taught thousands of people to juggle, she knows the common problems everyone encounters when learning, and has specific methods to correct them. JuggleFit wants you and your children to juggle easily and without frustration.

While there are many free resources out there for learning to juggle, few, if any of them contain the detailed troubleshooting, drills, and encouragement provided in JuggleFit DVDs. Plus, you get the added benefit of learning from a certified fitness professional – Heather is certified by the American Council on Exercise as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. Order your JuggleFit Family Pack

How Does Juggling Benefit My Child?

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Checkmark Provides Cardio Workout Checkmark Develops coordination Checkmark Grows self-confidence
Burns 280 calories an hour whether kids are just learning or practicing! Works out upper and lower body, requiring movement, balance and concentration. It’s important for children to engage in activities that develop coordination. Juggling is the ultimate booster in this area. If your child plays other sports, the accuracy, reaction time, and coordination they develop from juggling will help improve their performance in any sport. The satisfaction and self-confidence acquired by learning to juggle is not easily matched by other physical activities, because juggling is seen as something that not many people can do. It requires discipline, patience and rewards your child with the ultimate payoff – physical fitness, confidence, and endless inspiration!
Checkmark Rainy Day? No problem! Checkmark Educates About an Active Lifestyle Checkmark A Bonding Experience
Can be done inside or outside, so rain, etc. does not prevent your children from getting in physical education. Your child will look forward to juggling – many kids even get ‘addicted’ to juggling. This is the perfect guard against childhood obesity and encourages an active lifestyle for years to come. It’s impossible to avoid laughing together while learning to juggle together. Give it a try!
What parents are saying…

“My son did not put the balls down for long the entire rest of our vacation!”
– Dee Neiderman, Florida

“I know that all the programs out there claim to be fun but my family actually agrees with this one. Not only that, but we can do JuggleFit as a family and still talk, laugh, and enjoy each others company during the work out.”
– Miranda from Emily Reviews  read full review

“The thing that really amazed me was the exercise factor!”

– Candace Segar, Island Times

There’s more – when kids or adults juggle, they not only burn calories, they build brain networks! Read about the studies here:

Juggling Makes Your Brain Bigger

Juggling Boosts Brain Connections


Kids can pack juggling balls in their backpack so they can workout anytime!

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