What People Are Saying About JuggleFit

“The thing that really amazed me was the exercise factor…I could feel the effects in my shoulders and arms…The best part of all was the immense satisfaction I felt when I juggled three balls.”

Candace Segar, Island Times

“I am practicing with scarves everyday and I laugh so much I can’t see the scarves! I already feel the mental boost that I get from the physical activity and laughing. Thanks!”

Lynn Marie Price
Early Steps Children’s Medical Services
Florida Department of Health

“What a workout! I jog alot, but do little towards upper body and core strength exercise. Juggling was a simple way to get a workout in a non-strenuous way.”

Larry Waszink, Florida Department of Health

“JuggleFit was just what I wanted! After the class, I realized that juggling is just what I needed, especially for those regular work day stresses. Thank you for your enthusiastic guidance. You have my highest recommendation!”

Nadine Stephens, New York, NY

“I really think that my favorite aspect of JuggleFit is that my whole family can enjoy it. Even our baby who is 10 months old was enjoying watching the rest of us! Our 2, 5, and 8 year olds were all giving it a go as we’ve been doing our family juggling evenings.”

Miranda, Emily Reviews

“I was pleasantly surprised to learn that juggling can help me mentally, physically and spiritually! I was so excited that I rushed home and ordered 2 sets of your professional juggling balls to get started right away! Keep preaching JuggleFit!”

Bill Alfred, Florida Department of Health

“I spend most of my time sitting in front of a computer, with very little opportunity to get up, move around, and exercise. Juggling is a great way to get a workout while I’m waiting for a software build. I’m still amazed that you were able to teach something new to all of us at our company – even to those who have juggled before!”

Bob Wieler Chief Architect, Payments TxCore, Inc.

“Your technique worked so well — I am still amazed that you taught me to juggle in less than 10 minutes!”

Christine Tso, CPA, CFE

“[My son] did not put the balls down for long the entire rest of our vacation. By the last day he was up to 15 catches…He doesn’t get much exercise at home and this was something he did for hours laughing and laughing… Thank you!”

Dee Niedermann, workshop attendee


Bridget Fluegge, Director of Technology Episcopal Day School

“It [juggling] was always something I wanted to do. I was surprised that it was so easy to learn!”

CeCe Edwards, workshop attendee