Learn How to Juggle

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It’s best to learn how to juggle with balls specifically designed for juggling, but you can also use small oranges or tangerines. While these will roll away when dropped, at least they won’t bounce like tennis balls. Constantly chasing after balls can be distracting.

Many people find it easier to learn to juggle with scarves than balls. This lets you practice in ‘slow motion’ with objects that are easy to grab. Once you’ve got it down, you will use the same pattern (with slight body placement variation) to learn with balls. It’s kind of a ‘proof of concept’ before moving onto balls – if you can juggle with scarves, you can definitely juggle with balls. It just takes more practice!

Juggle Your Way to Fitness Beginner Level includes a free set of juggling scarves you can use to follow along with the DVD. Scarves are also sold separately on the JuggleFit store. If you don’t have scarves, you can use plastic grocery bags. (adults only please as bags may be hazardous to children!). You can follow the steps in the video, but keep your palms facing down instead of up, both for throws and catches.

IMPORTANT: Never attempt to juggle sharp, heavy or dangerous objects when juggling for fitness. Consult with your physician before beginning this or any exercise program.