Juggle Your Way To Fitness Intermediate
Level DVD with Heather Wolf

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JuggleFit Beginner DVD
Certified fitness trainer Heather Wolf makes juggling easy with drills, troubleshooting and tips that work your body & brain!

  • Simple, step-by-step instruction on how to juggle with balls
  • A beach warm-up to prepare you for juggling
  • Troubleshooting and drills
  • Meditation segment to help make your juggling automatic
  • Upper body toner workout
  • 5 minute balance workout
  • A relaxing beach cool-down
  • Practice tips to further your progress

Add excitement to your workouts with Juggle Your Way to Fitness Intermediate Level. Certified fitness trainer Heather Wolf is back to teach you how to juggle with balls* and guide you through exercises to burn fat, tone, and de-stress.

Whether you learned to juggle with scarves in the Beginner Level DVD, or prefer to learn with balls, this program will have you burning calories, developing balance & coordination, and exercising your mind all while having fun.

Think you’re too uncoordinated to juggle with balls? Heather has taught thousands who once thought the same thing! You will be juggling your way to fitness in no time with detailed instruction and troubleshooting, practice tips, and expert advice on maintaining progress. Also included are combination workouts that mix your level of juggling with upper body and balance exercises.

This intermediate DVD will teach you how to juggle with balls, and show you how to easily use juggling as a daily cardio activity that you can do anytime, anywhere.

Also included is an upper body toner workout and a 5 minute balance workout.

Don’t miss out on this must-have fitness DVD that will have you burning calories without even realizing it. You’ll be having way too much fun to remember this is exercise!

– Improves balance & coordination, essential for maintaining strength and agility throughout your lifetime.
– Provides a challenging, no-impact workout that’s not stressful on the joints.
– A beneficial workout for everyone, including athletes, seniors, even those just getting started with exercise!

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