Juggling to Quit Smoking

   “I smoked for about 10 years and I tried to quit several times. Usually it only lasted for a week or two. Then, I purchased the JuggleFit Intermediate DVD with no intention of quitting smoking. Before I knew it, instead of reaching for my cigarettes, I was reaching for the juggling balls. Within 2 weeks, I had quit smoking! I am happy to say I have not had a cigarette in a year and a half. Thanks JuggleFit!”     – John, 29, JuggleFit Customer

How can learning to juggle help ME quit smoking?

  • We often hear from smokers about how when they juggle, they are so focused and absorbed in it that they forget about the urge to smoke. Basically the focus is directed away from cigarette cravings to to the goal of learning to juggle (or learn a new juggling pattern or move).
  • When people learn to juggle, it is almost impossible for them to think about anything else, whether that be fighting the urge to smoke, eating unhealthy foods, or thinking about things that might cause stress.
  • Since juggling is a healthy brain & body activity that burns calories, builds brain networks, and relieves stress, the after-effect is feeling good about pursuing healthy habits. This affects smokers attitudes toward smoking.
  • Studies have shown that adding exercise to a smoking cessation plan makes it easier for people to quit. Juggling is not only exercise, it takes your mind off smoking cravings as described above, so you get a double benefit.
  • Juggling is a great alternative to nicotine replacement therapy.

How do I get started?

Step 1 Learn the basics of how to juggle with balls the FREE JuggleFit video, or purchase the JuggleFit DVDs for more in-depth techniques, troubleshooting and practice tips. The DVDs also include drills and workouts.

Step 2 Keep a set of juggling balls (or oranges!) or scarves in plain sight anywhere you smoke or take smoking breaks: at home, at the office, at parties. You can take them with you wherever you go and set them out on a table, desk, etc.

Step 3 Anytime you get the urge to smoke, immediately reach for the juggling balls or scarves. This is why you need them in plain sight, so there is no time to smoke instead.

Step 4 Start learning or practicing juggling (or just doing what you already know how) for at least 5 minutes.

Step 5 At the end of 5 minutes, go back to what you were doing before the craving for a cigarette struck. If the craving is just too strong, then go ahead and smoke. Then try again next time. You will succeed in quitting smoking, don’t give up!

Step 6 Repeat!