How Can JuggleFit Help Me Reach My Fitness Goals?


Lose Weight Fit Exercise into a Busy Schedule Exercise with Friends & Family
Burns 280 calories an hour whether you are just learning or practicing! Juggle during the commercials while watching your favorite tv programs! You’ll burn 84 calories for each hour! Workout while entertaining your kids. They will love watching and learning to juggle with you!
Juggling helps eliminate cravings when you’re not really hungry by directing your attention away from the thought of food. Juggle for only six minutes 5 times throughout the day and you’ve exercised 30 minutes! At work, school, wherever you are – with juggling, the world is your gym! Couples that juggle together stay together! It’s impossible to avoid laughing together while learning to juggle together. Give it a try!
Revs up your metabolism by encouraging short bouts of exercise at various point during your day. Rain ruining your outdoor walking, running or biking plans? Practice juggling inside instead! Burn calories while having fun with friends. Juggling always results in people smiling, laughing & having a great time!
Juggling During TV Commercials Really Adds Up!
Juggle During TV Commercials to Burn Calories

“What a workout! I jog alot, but do little towards upper body and core strength exercise. Juggling was a simple way to get a workout in a non-strenuous way.”
– Larry Wasnick, Florida Dept. of Health

“Your technique worked so well — I am still amazed that you taught me to juggle in less than 10 minutes!”
– Christine Tso, CPA, CFE

“The thing that really amazed me was the exercise factor!”

– Candace Segar, Island Times

Pack your juggling balls in your briefcase, purse, or backpack so you can workout anytime!JuggleFit Juggling for Fitness
There’s more – when kids or adults juggle, they not only burn calories, they build brain networks! Read about the studies here:

Juggling Makes Your Brain Bigger

Juggling Boost Brain Connections

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